The Best AIM Stocks to Invest in

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is a market that has only been in existence for the last 24 years in Britian. In the beginning the AIM market only contained 10 stocks valued at 82 million pounds. Now they have over 3,600 markets to invest in. We are going to look at the best AIM stocks in this article.

So how do you get started? The purpose of the AIM market is to help someone research and invest in smaller companies. People love this aspect of investing. They want to know what makes these companies tick and how they work. That’s where you come in. As of this writing the top rated AIM stock is TP Group (LON: TPG) This is a British group that specializes in technology, engineering and consulting services for space missions. Right now this group is valued so highly since it has withstood the downed market. Abundant material is available for you to look into this investment. The second pick for AIM is Location Sciences Group (LON: LSAI). This group focuses on software solutions, especially advertising fraud. Since advertising fraud is so common, it is expected that this stock will soar in the future.

When learning what the best AIM stocks to buy are, you need to do your homework. Do the research on the company you are interested in. Look at their gains and losses. What business are they in? Will what they create or supply be in demand for the future? Also when looking at AIM stocks, remember to consider all the benefits you might achieve. There is no stamp duty to pay when buying the shares and they are free from inheritance tax. There is the potential for higher gains and a boost to your portfolio just by investing. There are some draw backs such as the captial gains tax, but there are ways around it. The best advice? Research.