How to Build Your Own Quota with Betpractice

Betpractice is an extraordinary software integrated within its website that has an innumerable series of advanced tools for the evolved bettor on the betting sites and the sport trader and known above all because it compiles the real share of a football market taking into account only the historical results of the two teams. You can read all our articles on Betpractice by clicking on bettingtraderblog Betpractice articles.We asked Mr. Landi Gianluca, author of the book Betting Exchange, the Sports Trading Revolution and director of Betpractice Italy to explain how to build his real share using Betpractice. What and what time frame does Betpractice use to build the real quota?Betpractice uses only the historical results of the two teams to compile the real quota and through a proprietary algorithm, which “weighs” the various components, provides the real and pure quota that most often differs from those of the bookmaker or Betting Exchange platforms allowing the sport trader to take advantage of this difference. In coupons and search the real quotas use the following time frame:For a soccer championship in the first 10 days, Betpractice uses the historical results of the previous year.For the championship that is at the eleventh day, the software uses the results of the past year and the one in progress to build the quota The Betpractice team, analyzing historical quotas, found in this time frame, the optimal and most reliable compromise to build the real quota. In this way, using both the Coupon and the search function (search engine) the user is “forced” to use this time frame for the quota.If one of our customers wants to build his own quota using another time frame that he deems more appropriate for a specific championship or a particular game, he can do it freely through Odds Compiler (odds compiler).

With Odds compiler it is possible to build the pre-match odds or even during the live when minutes have passed and the result for example has changed.